Acrylic paintings that you can do yourself

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Acrylic paintings that you can do yourself

Do you have empty walls in your home that you want to revive?

Do the funky couch pillows look lonely and need another bold accent? Just take a canvas and color your picture. We live in the era of abstract art, so fear that something might not work out. Drawing is fun.

You will need canvas, paint, and boldness. It will look as good as purchased posters. Water-based acrylic paint based on acrylic resin and pigment is ideal for aspiring artists.

 Drawings with these paints are suitable for both amateurs and professionals. Paints are versatile, they are bright, easy to use, not as capricious as watercolors or oil paints.On the contrary, acrylic goes well with various materials, so there are no restrictions.

As a base, you can use a primed canvas on a stretcher, or a wooden board, or pre-primed plywood, or heavy watercolor paper.

Novice artists are better off using ready-made paint kits.

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Brushes for acrylic painting should be durable and long, as they are significantly pressed against the base when painting. Make sure that your kit contains tools of different sizes: large and small, round, as well as flat, this is the minimum. With large brushes, they paint the background and the main outlines, with fine brushes they draw small details.

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One of the interesting techniques is the pouring technique-Fluid Art.


How it works?

Acrylic paints are diluted with water to a consistency at which they can flow freely over the canvas. Several colors can be mixed before pouring acrylic onto the canvas. In this case, the pattern will be more interesting. But it is important not to mix too much so that there is no dirt on the canvas. PVA glue or machine oil can be added to the paint. This creates additional painterly effects.

Paint can be poured onto the canvas by tilting the canvas in different directions, you can blow the paint with a straw, direct the paint with various stacks or a hairdryer. The arsenal of tools for working with liquid acrylic is huge.


So, Fluid Art literally means mobile (liquid) creativity.

The process of creating a painting consists in filling the canvas with liquid acrylic paints of different colors. You can do it one at a time or at the same time, choose yourself. Then the surface is gently tilted in different directions, mixing colors create a unique pattern that resembles an abstraction.

 What will you get from the liquid acrylic technique?

We declare with confidence that in the end you will get a unique picture,

because it is impossible to repeat what will happen in the process of its creation!

The work will be so good that you can safely hang it on the wall or present it as an expensive gift. Although, you are unlikely to want to part with her, but having received such valuable experience, you will certainly be able to create many more beautiful paintings.

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