Kids's room decor.Wall decor.Some decorating ideas.

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Kids's room decor.Wall decor.Some decorating ideas.

Big decorating ideas for your little ones.

Baby room wall decor can be complex or simple. The main rule is the ability to quickly change everything at minimal cost, because children grow up so quickly!decor kids room

The basic rule of decorating and designing a child's room is a high-quality environmentally friendly finish, which will be the ideal backdrop for a changeable decor that matches the child's changing tastes.




We decorate the walls in the nursery

As already mentioned, the walls must be of high quality. Wall decoration must be able to withstand the onslaught of markers and portfolio marks. The ideal finishing option for a nursery is paintable walls.

brown color roomwhite pink color room

If you choose a neutral paint color, it will be easier for you to match the colors of accessories, textiles and furniture. Be sure to save the data about the paint: manufacturer, brand, color number. Most likely, in another year or so, you will need to renovate the walls in several places, which means that you will have to buy additional paint. You don't want to repaint the entire room, do you?

Having created the perfect background in the nursery, start decorating. Here are some ideas for decorating the walls of a nursery:



1.We hang posters with the child's favorite characters. This is the easiest option for decorating a nursery and the most mobile.

nursery animals paint




2.We glue stickers. This is the easiest and most effective way to transform a nursery. The topic is varied and special attention is usually paid to the childish topic. For stickers, the walls should be smooth. High-quality stickers are removed without marks or damage on the wall surface.


















  3.Wall murals are another way to transform a nursery. When choosing them, the main thing is not to overdo it with color and their total area. It will be better if they occupy no more than 25% -30% of the total wall area. Even if it is a very beautiful photo wallpaper, it can quickly bore a child.




  4.Painting on the walls in the nursery is a classic. But this decoration option takes a little more effort. The only drawback of the painting is that it is insanely sorry to paint it over. Only a rare painting can survive the time of adolescent rebellion.


















5.Another fashionable way to decorate a nursery is to use volumetric letters. You can add words from letters, for example, the name of a child, or place a funny volumetric alphabet on the wall.




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