5D Diy Diamond Painting Mosaic

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About the Product:

What is it - DIY diamond painting:


    1. The DIY diamond painting can help to work and learn to reduce stress, emotional adjustment, active thinking, enhance self-confidence.

    2. The DIY diamond painting can be used to decorate the family room, make life more harmonious.

    3. In the production, DIY can experience a sense of achievement and ability. And cultivate persistence and patience.It is good for the elderly and children. .

    4. Production process is simple you can create a short time to complete.

    5. DIY painting diamond is exquisite to give to friends and loved ones to express good wishes to share.

    6. DIY diamond painting can be done by anyone of any age, including children, with the help of other members, etc., which creates a warm atmosphere in the family .

    Product details:

    Material: resin

    Canvas Packing Method: Rolled Up

    Style: European and American style

    Frame: No

    About size:

    Canvas size: 20 * 30cm

    Picture size: 15 * 25cm

    Diy diamond painting production steps: :

    1. Open the box and check the special diamond painting tools.

    2. View the color of the resin diamond in the coding order.

    3. Open the ribbon drawing above, you will see many symbols corresponding to the color coding.

    4. Take the diamonds of the corresponding color with a pen.

    5.To create a perfect diamond painting, the characters of each line should not be blank. ...

    6. To get a good shot while working, keep it on a flat, level surface.

    7. The joints must be smooth and neat and free from cracks.

    8. To complete a good diamond drawing, place it on your chosen base (frames not provided).



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