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About the product:

Magic Ink. Creative UV Ray Invisible Fountain Pen Ink Night Light Fluorescence Dip Pen Ink .

With their help, you can create unusual luminous drawings, inscriptions and paintings in ultraviolet light, very bright, they glow directly.

Without ultraviolet light, the ink is not completely transparent, has a slight bleached shade, if the paper is not entirely snow-white, then it is clearly visible in a thick concentration.

On black paper, they are not visible with UV or without UV, they are completely transparent. With their help, you can create unusual glowing drawings, inscriptions and paintings.

Invisible ink is transparent and usually invisible under normal light. This special ink, it is invisible until black UV light is on.

This is not grape lemon juice or other experimental craft inks.

It is a true invisible ink that is only visible when it is illuminated by ultraviolet light.

Suitable for most surfaces
Water based for fast drying
Can be used as invisible protective ink.

Using invisible ink

Invisible ink can be used on documents, stamp pads, property security markings, hidden UV invisible artwork, and many industrial applications.

The best surfaces to apply are porous surfaces such as paper wood, cardboard and cotton.

Great for writing secret messages.

So what could you write in the secret message? "I love you". Or maybe "You will marry me."

fluorescente pen

Package including:

1x invisible ink(18ml)

1x uv torch(battery included, remember to remove the  battery insulator sheet before using)

1 x fountain pen

Feature: Transparent, Invisible, Night light, Odour-free, Fluorescence

The words which you write with the invisible ink ONLY can be seen under the uv light


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