Luminous band baseboard Wall Sticker

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About the Product:

  • Natural glows in the dark, there is no need for energy, bright warning labels can also decorate a room.
  • Waterproof, sunscreen, corrosion resistant, self-adhesive, no radioactive elements. The design is convenient and simple.
  • Can be mounted on an electric switch, remote control, wall switches, lights, door handles, handrails, fire fighting equipment, fire alarm, rescue equipment, etc.
  • This product must absorb natural light or Indoor lighting before use in the dark. If natural light is insufficient in the room, please turn on the light for 15-20 minutes.

Product Details:

Pattern: 3D Sticker
Classification: For Wall For Floor
Material: PVC
Product size: 2cm * 140cm/2cm * 400cm
Color: Green
Feature 1: Glow in the dark
Feature 2: Products need to absorb light. Will be shining in the dark




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