Roman numeral wall clock sticker

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About the Product :                                                                                                   

Type: Wall Clock sticker

Form: Single Face

Weight: 300

Diameter: 90

Shape: circular

Width: 90

Body Material: Metal+Acrylic + Eva

47inch: Hour hand: 31.5 cm. Minute hand: 39 cm

37inch: Hour hand: 23.5cm. Minute hand: 31.5 c


 Product Details:

 1. Stickers made of EVA Foam Material and Mirror material, which are non-toxic and do not fade, can be stored for 3-5 years.

2. Stickers can be removable, with glue on the back side, easy to stick on the wall or any other clean and smooth surface; such as a door, closet, etc

.3. The mirror with glue, before sticking the sticker on the wall, you must first stick the mirror on the surface of the sticker;

4. DIY design, watch size is measured by hands, may be smaller or larger                          The final size of the watch decoration is determined by how you wantdecorate you walls.


1. Place the trace less nail in the correct position, the small tail should be up.
2. Remove the screw button from the clock dial, then put on the balance and hang it on the nail without a trace. It is better to fix the scale with adhesive tape.
3. The reduction in scale depends on the size of your wall.
4. The scale has 12 black lines for the correct position, move the ruler to each grid, using a pencil to mark the position, the lines of the ballet should be parallel to easily find the patient.
5. Removing UV film from the clock                                                                                  6. Remove the screw from the watch dial, then position the pointer, first on the second and then on the minute pointer.
7. Hang the watch from a trace of a nail.
8. Removing paper from the mirror.
9. Place a mirror surface on each EVA sticker, then peel off the UV film from the mirror.
10. Place the EVA sticker in the position you marked.                                                                
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